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Perspective art concept of Bird Zone planting design in Ranalagh Gardens Park c Roisin ByrneBridgefoot Street Pop Up Event community on site 22 4 16 c Roisin Byrne Art engagement collaboration. Collaborators Roisin Byrne UCD TURAS, DCC, Bridgefoot Street Park Campaign, UCD Landscape Architecture Site Specific Elective, tutor Sophie von MaltzonWhy Go Bald. Curation as a collaborative process in design of Public Realm. © Roisin ByrneNature Play Area Herzog Park. Indicative Perspective Based on Engagement Process with 75 Local Children © Roisin Byrne

Designing in Vitality + Viability

Cultures & Climates differ over the world, but people are the same. They’ll gather in public places if you give them a good place to do it” – Jan Gehl.

We work with local authorities, communities, developers and business (CSR projects) to create meaningful public places.

During our two year association with TURAS where we worked in Dublin City Council Planning department as a guest for University Collage Dublin, we researched, witnessed and collaborated on a Europe wide range of public space design and design endeavours by both local authorities and as community led projects.
This rich experience informs how we design and facilitate stakeholder engagement process which are site specific and closely attentive to our client’s brief. We have found meaningful engagement process greatly contribute to the long tern viability of public realm interventions.