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Woodland Garden Planting Plan Wicklow © Roisin ByrnePlanting Plan for Spiral Garden in Wicklow

Our Process – ‘is at its heart collaborative, inspired by you and by the site specific ecological potential of your garden.’ Roisin Byrne

Interested in creating a beautiful garden, friendly to nature and full of biodiverse life? A haven for you, your guests, family and nature? We would be delighted to create a design process with you. We believe you as the owners of the garden have a unique set of ideas and knowledge, dreams and visions which will inspire our design process which we tailor to you as our client.

First Stage: Initial On Site consultation.

Initially, we like to meet you on the site of the garden.  We walk around the garden and then sit down together. If you have site plans, so much the better for taking notes of what is the current state of play in your garden and for facilitating a lively discussion with you on what your ideas are for your garden, how you imagine feeling, what you imagine doing, what your big ideas, budget, and long term goals are for your garden. Its good to remember that a long term goal for the garden is worth thinking about, because we can create the garden in phases to suit. On the bases of this initial meeting, if you would like to proceed, our practice will develop a detailed proposal which outlines the nature of the project services.

Second Stage: Concept Stage Drawings 

Survey drawings and analysis. Detail contour or tree surveys may be required from an external contractor, depending on the complexity of the site. Indicative Plans & Sketches + Indicative planting plans, optional plant library.

Third Stage: Tender + Construction Stage Drawings, Project Management (if required)

Phasing the works: Tender drawings, schedule, specification, outline maintenance schedule recommendations, contractor selection + project management.