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Practice Ethos

Our Mission is to collaborate to create places which contribute to the necessary transition towards our ability to live in sustainable harmony with our Earth

We see the time we are living in as a critical moment in our human history, where our collective decisions and actions on every scale affect our climate, the diversity of our soil system, our water system and the biological life on earth.

Landscape Architecture as a practice process a keen understanding of the Earth as an interconnected and fascinatingly complex living system. This system is always changing in predictable and unpredictable ways. Systems thinking enables us to embrace this unpredictability.

Nature-based landscape architecture in essence is a creative process inspired by nature.  We are also inspired by how people may connect to that nature.

It requires sensitivity in looking at and understanding the complex and ever-changing (transitional) ecological matrix of the land we work in, along with its social and historical contexts.

The people who will use the space also inspire our practice.

Our practice is grounded in research. We collect field and contextual data, and carefully consider the clients requirements before artistically approaching the design and build of place projects.

Our approach to practice, to nature-based landscape architecture, is at its heart collaborative. (Otherwise, it just doesn’t have any meaning)

We endeavour to meaningfully collaborate with our clients and as appropriate stakeholders to solve design problems and to create socially and ecologically sustainably harmonious places.

Because ultimately all design outcomes will affect, the people who pass through or directly engage with or feel ownership with the places we design.

Projects we work on vary in scale.

We collaborate on all scales of projects. Whether temporary site-specific sculpture, to private gardens, pocket parks or larger scale engagement art projects. We design in the public realm and are interested in collaborating on the design of any scale of nature reserve.

Reflective practice is an essential part of our evolving creative process.