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Care is Key

We are highly experienced in creating enjoyable engagement + design collaboration workshops with those staff who are interested in making a difference.

Design collaborations with staff on biodiversity place projects on company held land or in association with a community of interest, action or locality can bring multifunctional benefits.  We specialise in design collaboration to create nature reserves. Simply places to enjoy and be inspired by nature. These places can be anywhere, a city corner, a space in a garden, a strip of land by a river, a new forest, a connected green infrastructure landscape across the land.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Creating nature reserves is a enjoyable project which can bring sustainability to a very meaningful level. Progress on projects can be phased over time.

We create Biodiversity Action Plans, facilitating a process of engagement with staff who are interested to act for nature. The Biodiversity Action Plan  can contribute to your entry to the Green Award which we have experience in judging (2017)

Our process.

By facilitating a design and creation process we work with the team of company staff who have an interest in creating a space for nature. Together we can brainstorm big ideas, before doing the research to find out the nature of possible places for intervention. We then together visit the site and start developing site specific ideas and possible phrasing strategy. These ideas are harvested and synthesis to inspire the final design for the nature reserve. In practice we have found that providing possibilities for connection to nature reserves, such as by creating looped walks, picnic or sitting areas, stopping places at focal points, provide much of the multifunctional benefit. research points to improved mental physical and spiritual wellbeing for people who have access to healthy ecosystems.

We collaborate with business to create places for nature, nature reserves. these places are designed to maximise the biodiverse potential of a site and bring social benefits to those people who enjoy access to the nature reserve.

Importantly, nature reserves can be created at any scale ‘Every Tree Counts’