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Sitting in Nature Reserve MeelinSitting in Nature Reserve MeelinWhat Birds Need Ranelagh Gardens Park Enhancement Works Concept Development DocumentEmergent field ecology in one year old nature reserveMeelin Nature reserve Feb 2018

Nature Reserve Creation is Our Passion.

We want to create nature reserves everywhere, with everyone.

Local authorities, Business as part of corporate social responsibility, Communities + Private clients. We come to every project with a view to creating space for nature and for biodiverse life to flourish. Every project has potential to mitigate against climate change. Nature reserves can restore soil + water ecosystems to their full potential, this in turn provides multifunctional benefits to people who enjoy the space.

We have found the process of creating nature reserves becomes much more meaningful and viable in the long term with stakeholder engagement in the creation + care process.

We have created multiple scale nature reserves as consultants and woodland coordinators with our charity partner GreenFriends Ireland.

It is important to remember nature reserves can be any scale. They can be an element in an overall design or be the design itself.