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Can a derelict space be a beautiful place?

Ireland, the naughties…the boom and the bust. one day its cranes everywhere on the skyline, and the next, builders are pulled of site – leaving countless new homes mid build. Well, perhaps not countless. Someone may have counted.

So heres a silver lining. Derelict spaces regenerate. Man leaves, and Nature, as if hiding behind some unseen veil steps in, that lady opportunist. Before you know it, Voila! right plant in right place, an astounding array of plant specie, bees and an abundance of life all around.

Cirsium vulgareBrassica nigraCirsium palustre

So it might be worthwhile to take a closer look, perhaps document whats to be found in a particular derelict space. This particular derelict space is stranded in-between Belmayne + Priory Hall. Right now is a good time to begin investigating. The landscape is simply bursting with life.

copyright Roisin Byrne
copyright Roisin Byrne