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Arts Project Riparian Trail with Artist Seoidin O'Sullivan. Children's work exhibited in IMMA. We are planting acorns to leave a legacy of connection with the Joseph Bouys oak tree in IMMA. Image by Kevin HandBridgefoot Street Pop Up Event community on site 22 4 16 c Roisin Byrne Art engagement collaboration. Collaborators Roisin Byrne UCD TURAS, DCC, Bridgefoot Street Park Campaign, UCD Landscape Architecture Site Specific Elective, tutor Sophie von MaltzonWhy Go Bald visioning meeting © Roisin Byrne Image by Tara Kennedy CulturestructionAt the first exhibition, Children's Design Engagement for Nature Play Area Herzog Park, Dublin © Roisin ByrnePlacemaking is about the use of space. The potential for emergent life.

For Our Practice Art and Artistic Process is Fundamental.

To create a co-design process with consideration to the unique set of project parameters – the client brief, the stakeholders, site conditions, ecology, history…

In our collaborations with artists, stakeholders and communities we yield deeply meaningful place projects and processes. Connecting people and place though arts projects can be an enriching process, benefiting actors and the ecology of place. We have found that engaging the stakeholders in meaningful consultation and co-design increases to the long-term viability of place projects.

Art in Landscape Architecture

Allowing an arts process into the creation stage of landscape architecture practice enriches the process. Artist sensitivity to the specific nature of each site, along with the curiosity to endeavour to recognise the existing and potential ecology, to be inspired by the nature of the site is an anchor to practice.

The pendulum swings from research, data gathering and analysis to understand the site within the context of the developed brief to a nonlinear creative process seeking the potentials for artistic insight for connecting people to place, for enabling potential harmonious ecologies to emerge in a beautiful, deeply meaningful design.