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Pretty Vacant

Pretty Vacant is an enquiry into the ecosystem services inherent in vacant lands. Study area is Clongriffin /Baldoyle.

It is questioned why not map the emergent ecology of such sites?

In doing so the ecological layer may inform and enrich designed developments and the chance to connect with nature for the people who are to live there.

Why Go Bald

Loose art process to explore energy potential of making Why Go Bald Square a ‘Story Park, a place of engagement and connection.

Ranelagh Gardens Park

Art Studies for Ranelagh Gardens Park, Biodiversity Planting Plan. The rich history of the park is considered along with the clients intention to consider the park as a biodiversity flagship park.

Painting studies on ‘What Birds Need, Food, Shelter, Water. Paintings also imagine the interconnectedness between bird life, invertebrate life and plant life.

Hammond Street – Free scale Concept

Hammond Street is a fascinating site which has been vacant for a long time. Owned by OPW, it presents questions around opportunities for temporary use for vacant sites in the city. Image created for DCC 2015/6

Nature Reserves 

In thinking about each project, how the intervention will impact the nature of the place?

How will the design by guided and inspired by the inherent nature? what can be seen? what is the potential ecological matrix?

What are the possibilities to sensitively connecting people with the nature of this place?

To draw something closely is to understand it more intimately.

To imagine possible connections in between the gathering and analysing site data. The creative process, being non linear, allows for both scientific study and artistic development of design concepts.

Nature reserves for Schools

Creating a native Irish tree nursery in inner city girls secondary school along with a beautiful arboretum space to have lunch in, simultaneously being in nature, which research has shown to be beneficial to cognitive process and mental wellbeing.

Chance for Mischief

Chance for Mischief is a book of illustrated poetry, exploring ideas of an Artists worth.

Morning Practice

Morning Practice is meditative painting, often simple explorations of colour, light and the transient nature of life.