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Research has found multifaceted reasons to connect people with nature. Its good for us as human beings on many levels and its good for nature too.

We are a Nature – Based practice. The European Commission defines nature based solutions as “actions which are inspired by, supported by or copied from nature” 

Our advocacy position calls for reforestation of existing conifer forestry to deciduous continuous cover woodlands which are managed organically and allowed to grow ancient. We are calling for creation of a state or multi agency run Trust lands people wish to donate as nature reserves or convert to nature reserves. Such a Trust should be given capacity to manage such donated lands.

There is such strong rational for this approach. We are calling for a roll out of deciduous woodlands where conifer plantations are clear-felled by Coilte or by Landowners. We are calling for Landowners to be fairly compensated over the lifetime of the woodlands for the ecosystem services the woodland provide.

We are calling for all scales of nature reserve and woodland to be created, conserved and valued, locally and globally. We call for intelligent systems thinking when it comes to carbon sequestration solutions. This is critical now, as we are being pressured to plant trees to mitigate a fine. Conifer plantations are an insufficient partial answer, where deciduous woodlands can connect us with nature, are a key part of our cultural heritage. when managed organically, are a complex matrix of habitats of biodiverse life.

Submissions & Research Documents: 

31st March 2019 Submission to Heritage 2030