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Emergent field ecology in one year old nature reserveSitting in Nature Reserve MeelinField research Meelin Nature Reserve

The nature reserve we create with you will be unique.

This is because we engage a process of sensitively analysing the ecological qualities of your land. We carefully consider the existing qualities and the potential ecological harmonies and possibilities which can occur over time. What will make the reserve unique is our design process where we listen to you, from there drawing out and developing a vision for the nature reserve.

We strongly believe nature reserves should be places where you can be in and enjoy the vitality of life which emerges when we allow nature to come into harmony with itself. We do this through pathways, sitting places, stopping places such as huts, hides, tree houses, follies, there are many different ways to provide opportunities to connect with nature peacefully.

Our process of creating nature reserves with you.

First Stage: Initial On Site consultation.

Initially, we like to meet you on the site of the land.  We walk around the land and then sit down together. If you have scaled site plans, this is so much the better for taking notes of what is the existing on your land and for facilitating a lively discussion with you on what your visions are for your nature reserve, how you imagine feeling, what you imagine doing, what your big ideas, budget, and long term goals. Its good to remember that a long term goal for the nature reserve is worth thinking about, because we can create the nature reserve in phases to suit. On the bases of this initial meeting, if you would like to proceed, our practice will develop a detailed proposal which outlines the nature of the project services.

Second Stage: Concept Stage Drawings 

Survey drawings and analysis. Detail contour or tree surveys may be required from an external contractor, depending on the complexity of the site. Indicative Plans & Sketches + Indicative planting plans, optional plant library.

Third Stage: Tender + Construction Stage Drawings, Project Management (if required)

Phasing the works: Tender drawings, schedule, specification, outline maintenance schedule recommendations, contractor selection + project management.