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Nature Play Area Herzog Park. Indicative Perspective Based on Engagement Process with 75 Local Children © Roisin ByrneBridgefoot Street Pop Up Event community on site 22 4 16 c Roisin Byrne Art engagement collaboration. Collaborators Roisin Byrne UCD TURAS, DCC, Bridgefoot Street Park Campaign, UCD Landscape Architecture Site Specific Elective, tutor Sophie von MaltzonArial View of completed Baltinglass ParkWhy Go Bald visioning meeting II © Roisin Byrne Image by Tara Kennedy CulturestructionPerennial Planting in Ranelagh Gardens c Roisin Byrne

Roisin Byrne, Nature-Based Landscape Architecture are specialists in creating highly collaborative design processes for the creation and care of place projects which bring co-benefits to people and planet. We design for clients and with communities who care about our shared Earth. We are aware of our collaborative agency, held within our choice to create new landscapes which are restorative to our natural, interconnected Earth systems, climate and biodiversity.

Our Ethos is based on endeavouring for the emergence of sustainably harmonious ecosystems within our projects and, by extension, on our Earth. In essence, nature is the very inspiration and core of our practice. 

We are artistic, innovative, collaborative and curious. We are constantly researching how to bring true sustainability into our projects. Can we get materials and craftsmanship locally? Is it beautiful, uplifting? Where does this come from? How was it made? Is it organic? What is its story? We work with artists, engineers, ecologists, architects, storytellers, master craftspeople, academics, local authorities, NGOs and other enterprises creating ever-evolving processes that give more back to nature in the creation of genuinely vibrant places, which naturally are bringing co-benefits to people and planet.

What are Nature-Based Solutions?

Nature-based solutions, (NBS) according to the UN can contribute by up to a third of solutions to our adaption and mitigation of the twin crisis of our time, biodiversity loss and climate change. The EU has defined NBS as “solutions that are inspired and supported by nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience. Such solutions bring more, and more diverse, nature and natural features and processes into cities, landscapes and seascapes, through locally adapted, resource-efficient and systemic interventions.” In 2019 at the UN Summit for Climate Action, 70 governments supported the launching of a Nature-Based manifesto, and 196 initiatives and best practice examples were contributed for dissemination.

Nature-based solutions must ultimately benefit biodiversity and support the delivery of a range of ecosystem services. There should be Co-benefits for people, such as access to nature for wellbeing, for example by providing shortcuts for non-motorised travel along well-designed river corridors. Roisin Byrne, Nature-Based Landscape Architecture, in collaboration with our clients, are well placed to design and implement nature-based solutions at different scales.

The EU Horizon 2020 project Connecting Nature argues that ideally, NBS “uses a comprehensive co-design and co-creation of ideas process, with strong innovation possibilities, leading to multiple ecological, environmental and social gains.”

Collaboration approach and Co-Design 

In any landscape design, whether public or private, Roisin Byrne, Nature-Based Landscape Architecture looks for opportunities to create a meaningful collaborative approach to design. With local authority clients, in particular, we have found this approach enriches the process and the chances for long term viability of the garden or public space by instilling a strong sense of community ownership.